How To Stand Out From The Crowd When Attending A Wedding

Attending weddings are always fun, especially when you don’t have the stress of organizing it! If you’re tired of attending weddings and then simply fading into the crowd, then these below mentioned tips can help you standout with ease.

Leave The Whites And The Ivories For The Bride

No matter how much you feel that you look spectacular in white or ivory, we strongly suggest you avoid using those colors as a wedding guest. These colors are traditionally reserved for the bride, and even if you look fabulous, you are bound to get the “stink eye” if you try to steal her thunder. Of course, it’s perfectly alright for you to wear clothing that has these colors, provided it is not the primary color. You could also use these colors as the complementary tones of your clothing or accessories.

Select Block Colors Suited For The Red Carpet

Selecting the correct colors goes a long way when trying to stand out among a crowd, especially in as occasion as colorful as a wedding. More often than not, wedding guests tend to select soft, pastel shades for these occasions. They also largely favor floral designs, as that is something that speaks summer wedding with ease. However, for you, we suggest opting for strong block colors that complement your skin tone and eyes. Red carpet colors would be ideal here, but don’t let those few colors restrict you. 

Be A Little Extravagant In Your Choice Of Accessories

If you cannot exhibit your extravagant side at a wedding, when can you?! We are strong believers of the fact that accessories make an outfit a success, and love pairing statement jewelry and other accessories with clothing to make the outfit pop. If you’re not much of a jewelry wearer, why not pop by a few millinery Sydney to browse chic hats? You could even try out an elaborate hairstyle that complements the outfit? You can also wear hair accessories to help you stand out from the crowd.

Be Casual And Fun With Your Choice Of Clothing Design

It is common to go completely feminine with your outfit choice for weddings. After all, the occasion calls for being pretty and lady-like. But since your mission is to stand out from the crowd, instead of blending into the hundreds present, we suggest choosing an outfit that is elegantly casual, fun, and in the case of a summer wedding, breezy as well. Jumpsuits are a great choice for occasions like this, especially if you choose one in a bright color, or with an off-shoulder design. If you don’t mind making your outfit a little masculine, opt for a pantsuit with a lace camisole. If you’re feeling particularly daring, you can even pair this outfit with a bralette.

Be Bold With Makeup If You’re Keeping A Low Profile With Your Clothing

If the wedding you are hoping to attend happens to have a theme, then chances are that you may not be free to choose the colors or style of clothing you can wear. However, you can still use makeup to make yourself unique and still stand out from the crowd as you wish to.

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