How To Rock Your Prom Look

It’s the end of your school year and prom is right around the corner, you still have no idea on what you’re going to wear. The girl gang is blasting the group chat with their dress choices. You want to give everyone something to remember and impress your date at the same time. Trust me, we’ve all been there; whether it’s your junior or senior prom, it’s probably something you’d want to keep safe in your memory as a date that you looked like an elegant princess striding across the dance floor.  So, I’m here to help you slay that prom look and show everyone who owns the tiara. But how does a girl accomplish that?

Classic Dresses

It’s quite easy to fall into the classic array of dresses that are either tulle or empire waist. In a crowd of roses, aim to be a fragrant lily. Search for dresses that deliver a message of uniqueness. For example, a navy blue off-shoulder dress or a backless dress with tie details. You can always reach for the stars with a side slit dress that is also strapless, maybe with a sweetheart neckline. Make sure these dresses fit you perfectly and frame your figure well, according to your body type.

Strappy Dresses

For dresses that come with a strap, try glamming it up with a necklace with a stone pendant, without the pendant works fine too. Make sure the necklace is not too long, select a necklace that wraps right around your neck and does not fall below the collarbone, like a choker but not exactly a choker. Pair the necklace with the best silver cross earrings that you are able to find. Since earrings tend to be the highlight of your look as they can elevate your edginess and make your eyes shine. If your dress is strapless your shoulders and chest will be exposed, therefore skip the necklace and go straight for the earrings to bring the spotlight right up to your face. You will look the classiest lady on the floor, and your date will remember how great you looked in the amazing dress with spectacular earrings that made you even more spectacular eyes shine.


For your shoes, you could either go for heels that come in dark colours such as black or navy-blue pumps, neon heels or shiny stilettos. Make a note to avoid heels that are too tall as they might make your feet hurt and reduce the fun in your night drastically.


As for makeup, it isn’t essential to put much thought or effort into it because typically, white light at proms tend to be kept to a minimum and replaced with other colourful lights (or disco lights if you’re lucky). In a dark room, your accessories will do all the talking. With that said, you could always browse the internet for great makeup tips or do it the way you want, because nobody can colour your canvas better than you can!

Looking your best is important but don’t fret over it, with these tips, the limelight is reserved for you!

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