How to Be a Good Event Planner

Being an event planner can be hectic, which is why you should be careful not to take too many projects at the same time. Because if not, you will not be able to give each client your best work.

Meet The Client

Before you agree to take on a project you should first meet the client face to face. This is important because if you are going to plan a party for a certain individual you first need to gain an idea of what that individual likes and dislikes. The initial meeting will enable you to ask your client the questions that you want to ask which would enable you to gain a sense of what kind of party he or she wants to be organized. Therefore, before you take on a job it would be beneficial to you if you were to first meet your client face to face.

Listen to The Client

In order to make sure your client is satisfied it is important that you listen to what he or she wants. For example, if you are planning an engagement party for a client and he or she wants the party to be hosted at a venue such as Ellis Street Studio South Yarra you should not dismiss the idea. Instead look for other places which you think might be better. As the party planner, you should suggest other locations and give your client other options, however you should not completely dismiss their ideas either. You should try and give the client what he or she wants and only if it is impossible should you look into other possibilities. Telling your client what they want instead of listening to what he or she wants is a mistake and it could result in you losing the client. It is important that you remember that your taste and the client’s taste may be different. As an event planner it is your job to cater to what the client wants even if you do not necessarily like it. For example, if your clients want a theme of blue and pink then you should stick to this theme and not suggest a blue and silver theme just because you prefer the colour combination over the one that your client picked.

The Budget

If your client has given you a budget to stick to then it is very important that you try and plan the best party that you can within the given budget. It is also important that you do not suggest ideas to your client that are out of their budget as this could tempt them and in the end, it would be your client who is left with a hefty bill. Therefore, you should try and give your client what he or she wants by sticking to the given budget.

Inform Your Client of Your Decisions

Before certain decisions are made you should make sure that you run each and every idea by your client. For instance, if your clients want a swing band and you know of one, before you hire the band you should first play some of the band’s music to your client and ask them whether or not they want to hire them.

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