Essential Style Tips to Know on Your Daughter’s Big Day

It’s that time of the year. Your daughter is getting married in just a few months and it’s time to buy something worthy of such an occasion. Your daughter is going to be the highlight of the evening. But you, as the bride’s mom, are also part of that highlight. So how do you dress for the occasion and dazzle in beauty and grace? If you’re feeling lost, here are some essential tips to help you get started.

Choosing the Right Look

While it’s wedding etiquette that the bride’s mother gets to choose her look first, it might be a better idea to ask the groom’s mother to shop together for their dresses. If this is an ‘awkward’ for you, asking your daughter or her partner might help. When you do this, you are hitting two birds. This would also be a good way to have both parents bond and share a meaningful experience together.

Should you decide to shop separately, it is important to have both the length of your dress (and the groom’s mother) to be of the same length. This often insinuates formality plus it would look good in the photos.

Don’t Forget to Bring the Bridesmaid’s Swatch

When you shop for a dress for this formal event, you need to match or complement this with the bridesmaid’s dresses. Some specialty stores such as Anthea Crawford have mother of the bride dresses for sale in varying sizes. There’s a style guide to help you find the right fit for this occasions.

If you’re unsure about your exact size, you can have it measured by your tailor. This way, you’ll be able to estimate the sizing guide from the website.

Keeping Your Dress Guide Visible

As a mom, you’re probably also fretting about the wedding and help your daughter achieve the desired look and ‘feel’ of her big day. Talking about the themes for the wedding will help you find the right dress to complement hers. It may also help to ask her for photo references and keep things as visual as possible.

Never Too Late To Start Early

While the wedding could be months (or a year) ahead, it’s never too early to shop for that right dress. When you’re rushing, you might end up with a dress that’s ill-fitting or mediocre for such a grand day. Take the time to shop around. The earlier you start, the earlier you can schedule alterations (or change your look altogether!).


Just like your daughter’s scheduled appointments, you as the bride’s mother need to schedule yours for the fitting. Make sure that your gown is appropriate for the occasion. It could be that it’s going to be a rusting garden wedding, you may want to forgo a long and heavily-volumed gown that drags along the grass. It could also be that customs might dictate certain dress styles for the occasion—an important detail to take note of. Take note of conservative settings that may require you to cover up for the occasion.

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